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10 Best Slotted Spoon Reviewed 2020 and Buying Tips

You might be wondering what a slotted spoon is. Well, the name might not ring any bells, but you might have this silverware in your kitchen. A slotted spoon is a spoon with holes or any other opening at its bowl. The spoons allow liquids to run through them, leaving the solids on the top side.

The first spoon of this kind dates back in the 17th century, and it was used to prepare an alcoholic beverage called absinthe. These spoons can be found in almost all formal kitchens, and they come in different sizes and shapes. They are designed with long handles to give users enough space away from the stove.  This does away with any potential danger when separating fried foods from the hot oil.

In this article, I am going to enlighten you on the best slotted spoons, their other users, and what to check out for when purchasing them. Let's begin!

This is just list of at a glance checking. You can check details in Amaznon by the links. I have reviewed 10 EXCELLENT slotted spoons in my reviews section separately. 

  • 1. Oxo steel slotted spoon
  • 2. Joseph joseph elevate nylon ladle Slotted Spoon
  • 3. Rachael ray lazy spoon and ladle Nonstick Slotted Spoon
  • 4. oxo good grips medium wooden spoon 
  • 5. Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon, Large, Black
  • 6. Oxo Good Grips Nylon Slotted Spoon
  • 7. Jungle spoon slotted spoon 
  • 8. Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon-Red
  • 9. J8. Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon-Gray Green
  • 10. Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon, Large, Green

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Uses of a slotted spoon

In the ancient ages, slotted spoons were used in holding sugar cubes where the alcoholic syrup would be poured to add flavor into it. Nowadays, this spoon has several uses. Check them below: -

  • Removing pasta and noodles from boiling water
  • Separating vegetables from broth and water
  • Extracting canned fruits from the sugar syrup and foods from sauces
  • Draining liquids or broth
  • Serving large food chunks on plates

Best slotted spoon Reviews for this Year

There are definitely several slotted spoons available in stores, but they differ in size, shape and material. You wouldn't want to go in store and drool around simply because you have no clue on which spoon you want. That would be a waste of time. To avoid that, I have wrapped up some of the best slotted spoons

1. Oxo steel slotted spoon

Oxo is famous for its good grip kitchen utensils and appliances. With this slotted spoon, they featured brushed stainless steel flexible fins to the handles for a subtle, non-slip grip. Oxo combined these handles with stainless steel adding elegance to its efficiency. The handle is fitted with a hole to ease storage in your racks.

This Oxo slotted spoon easily lifts meat from stews, making it a perfect addition to your stovetop. Simply because the material its made from is safe for leaning on hot cookware. It is also suitable for stirring soups and stews.

With this spoon, you do not have to worry that it may be inefficient in lifting heavy items. It has a solid construction that is uncommon with other large spoons. This slotted spoon is safe to clean in the dishwasher.


  • Ease of storage
  • Offers a firm grip


  • Can rust if not dried after cleaning

2. Joseph Joseph Elevate Nylon Slotted Spoon with Integrated Tool Rest

This tool is designed with a weighted handle fitted with integrated tool rest that ensures the bowl of the spoon is always raised from the work surface when placed down. This increases hygiene and reduces being a mess in a significant way. This slotted spoon doesn't bend when stirring food as it is very sturdy.

It features a Nylon head that is resistant to heat to up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The handle in this spoon is silicone-made making it resistant to heat to up to 520 degrees Fahrenheit. This spoon is suitable with all cookware types but especially perfect with the non-stick ones.

It is lightweight guaranteeing you comfort during use and is dishwasher-safe.


  • It is durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Its lade balances badly which spill contents on it.

3. Rachael Ray Kitchen Tools and Gadgets Nonstick utensils/Lazy Spoonula, Solid and Slotted Spoon

This set comes in a set of three to meet your utensils need. The set includes a lazy spoonula, a lazy slotted spoon and a lazy solid spoon, all 12 inches. All these tools have a built-in notch on the handles so it can easily rest on the rim of your pan when cooking that increases neatness on your countertops.

The handles of this set are contoured guaranteeing you a firm grip when preparing your dishes. Their design is ideal for cooking with non-stick, enameled, cast-iron, and stainless steel cookware. These lazy tools are also heat safe as they can handle temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Cleaning this set is relatively easy as they are safe to be tossed in the dishwasher.


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Have a good heat rating


  • Can be a bit heavy to people suffering rheumatoid arthritis
  • Little spoon bowl depth

4. Oxo Good Grips Large Wooden Slotted Spoon, Beech

Nothing stands out in your kitchen than the traditional feel of wood. The Oxo wooden spoon is crafted from solid beech wood and is ideal for stirring thick stews. The designers made it with a natural oil finish that protects the wood without contaminating your dishes.

The handles of this spoon are flat on the top and curved on the underside giving a proper fit to your hands. The handle has a hole on its end that makes it easy to hang in your preferred storage points. This spoon is available in different sizes, and it can match out with other Oxo wooden utensils like mixing spoons and pancake turner.

Its design finish is of natural oil that is safe with non-stick cookware. The spoon is not dishwasher safe and should only be hand washed.


  • Comes with a satisfaction warranty
  • Beautiful natural finish


  • The wood can split with frequent usage
  • Hard to use in a pan

5. Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon, Large, Black

This kitchen utensil is simple and enables you to scoop and serve your food from a hot pan. It is designed with pan hooks that allow it to rest on the side of a pan to drain excess oils. The handles are silicone made.

These spoons come in two sizes, each with its own unique features. The larger size model is designed with small pan hooks on the lower side of the tool head. They guarantee you a perfect rest on the side of the pan. The smaller versions' front edge is ideal for scraping food from the non-stick baking trays.

The Joseph Joseph Colander Strainer slotted spoon is made from toughened nylon that is good with the non-stick cookware and resistant to heat to up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • It is durable
  • Large in size


  • Efficient on larger sized pots

6. Oxo Good Grips Nylon Slotted Spoon

The Oxo Nylon Slotted spoon is an essential tool for all stovetop uses. Whether it is stirring your thick stew or lifting pot stickers from hot water to prevent doneness, this spoon wins it all. The spoon features oversized heads, extra-long sturdy necks and offers a soft and comfortable grip.

The handle is fitted with a hole to store it on a hanging wall rack. The nylon is sturdy and safe with the non-stick cookware. So you don't have to worry your non-stick may get scratches. Tits end is fitted with ¼ inch holes that allow free running of liquids into it.

This slotted spoon is also heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can comfortably clean it in the dishwasher.


  • Drains well
  • Comfortable in hand


  • Can melt if left resting on the edge of a hot pan.

7. Jungle spoon slotted spoon 

This spoon is designed by the award-winning studio OTOTO. The inspiration being from nature, this spoon brings the great outdoor feeling into your kitchen. It is undoubtedly a great tool that shouldn't lack in your kitchen to add fun in the other dull utensils.

This spoon guarantees you 100% food safety as its designers manufactured it with no Bisphenol A.(BPA). The spoon has multiple functions from serving your salads, pasta and spaghetti to serving vegetables. This spoon wins it all. It is safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher. It, however, is not safe in the microwave.


  • Amazing look
  • No plastic smell on it


  • Not microwave friendly

8. Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon, Large, Red

with pan hooks so you can rest it on the side of the pan to drain. It is made from nylon(toughened) that goes well with non-stick cookware, and it is heat resistant to up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

The spoons' scoop is stiff BPA free plastic with comfortable grip silicone handles. The spoon is sturdy and very functional addition in your kitchen. The spoons dimensions are 7.5 x13.3 x34 inches, perfect size for scooping small bits of vegetables and pasta. It is dishwasher safe.


  • Perfect scoop due to large size
  • Food safe


  • Not suitable to small-sized pots

9. Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon, Large, Gray/Green

This slotted spoon is made from toughened nylon that is suitable for non-stick cookware. The material is resistant to heat to up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit(200OC). The pan is designed with hooks on its underside that makes it possible for you to rest it on pan side as the liquid drains.

The spoons handles are silicon made, and just like the Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon, it comes in two sizes. A larger version and a smaller one that is ideal for scraping food from non-stick baking trays.

It is ideal for straining and serving fried foods, pasta and vegetables. The spoon can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • Easy to clean
  • Good quality


  • Pasta can glide down the spoon.

10. Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon, Large, Green

Designed for a perfect scoop, this is definitely one slotted spoon you should never lack in your utensils collection. The design allows proper draining straight from a hot pan. The manufacturers fitted it with silicon handles that give a user a firm non-slip grip.

The spoon has pan hooks that one can easily set the spoon on top of a pan. Its make is toughened nylon that is resistant to heat not exceeding 392oF. The spoon can be used to serve and sieve vegetables and fried foods.

You can hand wash this slotted spoon or add it in the dishwasher.


  • Safe with non-stick cookware
  • Heat resistant


  • May be hard to store in small-sized drawers.

To Select a Excellent You can Follow This Buying tips 

Choosing this flatware piece is not just a walk in the park, mainly because a lot of people buy at least three of them in their lifetime. I have compiled some of the things below that you should consider before purchasing a slotted spoon.


Kitchen utensils are made from several types of materials. It is good to go for ones that suit your needs and preferences. The materials your cookware are made from can also determine the type of slotted spoon material to go for. Here are some materials you can check out for:

  • Wood

This material brings a traditional feel in your kitchen and does not scratch your pots and pans. The best thing is that wood doesn't break easily; you be assured of a long life. The only downside of this material is that with continued usage, it gets warped and stained.

  • Stainless steel

This is the most common material used in almost all kitchenware. It is a very durable material with a sleek finish. It, however, isn't good with the non-stick cookware.

  • Silicone

This soft material is best with the non-stick cookware. The material can come in a rainbow of colours and doesn't stain easily. This keeps the new look in it for a long time.


You should go for a slotted spoon that will match out with your cookware and you instant pots. If the cookware sizes are small or medium-sized, then go for a smaller spoon. This will prevent situations where you wouldn't use your spoon only because it can't fit in your cooking pot.

Price range:

Your budget will determine the slotted spoon you will go for. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for cheaper but durable options to suit your kitchen needs.


When choosing this flatware piece, put into consideration the weight, balance, shape and length. You can try handling a number of these slotted spoons in stores to determine what is comfortable to you.


Having gone through the best slotted spoons in the market and what to check out for before purchasing, I bet back in your mind you have a clue to which one to get. If you are looking for large spoons for a good scoop, I recommend the Joseph Joseph scoop colander strainer slotted spoons model. Ensure you have sufficient storage for these models to maintain organization.

For lovers of wood finishes, going for this Oxo large grips wooden slotted spoon is a decision you won't regret. The wood can warp with continued use, unlike other more durable materials. For people suffering rheumatoid arthritis, go for light slotted spoons like the Joseph Joseph Elevate Nylon Slotted spoon.

For the best overall slotted spoon, I would recommend the Jungle slotted spoon. Not only does it have a unique design but also food safe and very functional.


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