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How to use Garlic Press

A garlic press is a kitchen tool that is used to crush garlic cloves. It is an important kitchen device as it simplifies the after-cleaning process that follows when using a knife. Getting rid of the pungent smell on hands requires thoroughness and not forgetting that garlic can activate bacteria growth on chopping boards.

Garlic presses usually work by placing garlic cloves into the compartment then pressing the handles together which then pushes out finely crushed garlic. Most garlic presses come in 2 pieces that are a handle with a compartment (bowl like) with holes in it and another handle with a plunger that pushes the garlic through the holes. Some bowl designs can hold more than one clove at a go, others have interchangeable bowls of different hole sizes.

It’s a handy tool especially if you are preparing large amounts of food for thanksgiving ceremonies or enough to last the entire week.Cleaning the garlic press can be a pain. You can go for those that come with devices with matching grids of pins to clean the holes.

This article will enlighten you on what to look out for when purchasing a garlic press, its advantages and how to use it.

Choosing the right garlic presser is the distinction between frustrations and a device that makes the most flavorful garlic. They are not high-tech tools but you can find one that does more than just press garlic. An example is a garlic press with exchangeable plates so you can crash other foods into it. So how do you know which to pick out among the rest? Check out some of these factors to go through before you get a garlic presser for your kitchen.

Crushed versus minced garlic:

There is difference in flavor of crushed and minced garlic. Some believe that crushed cloves allow release of the garlic oils that bring a more intense flavor to the food. Others feel that minced garlic does maintain their clean taste.

The choice you make here solely depends with your preference. If you never noticed a difference in taste of pressed and minced garlic, then you should really go for a garlic press.

Capacity it can hold

Most garlic pressers crush one clove at a time. Such a tool won’t be hardy in circumstances where you preparing food for a large gathering. Therefore, if you most often cook for large gatherings, go for a presser that can hold several pieces of cloves at ago.

Ease of cleaning

Pressing garlic into their compartments does leave such a mess on the inside, making it hard to clean it. You can go for presses that have cleaning aid to help you remove the bits that’s left on the holes.

There are others that are not safe with the dishwasher but to ease up the cleaning process, go for one that can be tossed into the dishwasher.


Presses made from plastic and aluminum cost abit lower than stainless steel or the heavy plastics. Go for one that fits with your budget. If you up for a press and you’ve got bucks to get the best of them, then you can go for high-end stainless steel press that does not require lots of hand strength.

Material it is made from

Garlic presses come in different materials that include: -

  • Aluminum:

Most people confuse aluminum for stainless steel. It is affordable but in terms of durability, it doesn’t win it. To prolong its life and keep it in shape, consider handwashing it instead of using a dishwasher and dry them before storing. The coating of aluminum tends to peel or darken with continued use.

  • Stainless steel:

This is actually the best option for garlic presses. It is rust resistant and naturally gets rid of the pungent garlic smell. Stainless steel prices are abit high compared to plastic and aluminum ones. With the rubbers on their handles, you are guaranteed of comfort when pressing onto them.

  • Plastic:

This is a very budget-friendly option to check out for. They are efficient in the kitchen but the downward side of it is that it may easily break

  • Die-cast zinc:

This material is very durable and expensive compared to the stainless steel.

  • Wood:

Wood gives presses a very traditional and attractive look. The wood is mixed up with some special kind of metal.


Go for a model that has a comfortable grip on your hands. Clove crushing does require some strength of hand and so going for a slim handle makes the experience fun and comfortable.

How to crush garlic with a press

You do not necessarily need to peel off a clove for you to crush it. Below is a step by step guide to help you use your garlic press.

  • Firstly, you will remove the dry outer crispy coating of the garlic.
  • Separate the cloves into single cloves.
  • You don’t have to peel the cloves, so open the compartment and place them directly onto the inside of the press.
  • Close the compartment press.
  • Hold onto the handles and squeeze them together onto a bowl of your choice.
  • Continue squeezing until all the garlic is out.
  • Remove the garlic on the holes using a spoon.
  • Open your press again and remove the contents on the inner side and toss them into your bin.
  • Wash your tool well as you continue preparing your meal. Here are some cleaning tips to help you pull through:
  • If your press came with a cleaning aid, then use it.
  • Soak it in some soap and warm water.
  • Some models might have special cleaning process, so check out the manufacturer’s instructions on the manual.
  • Use a toothbrush or a toothpick to clean it.
  • If your press is dishwasher safe, get rid of the remains and place it in the dishwasher.

Advantages of using a garlic press

Garlic are great flavors to many meals. A garlic press can be a great additional tool in your kitchen. Here are some advantages of using a garlic press.

  • It is kid friendly:

Once in a while, we want to involve our kids in the kitchen. With a garlic press by your side, you can task them with mincing the cloves for you. Not only will it be fun for your kids but they will take pleasure in contributing to preparing a dish.

  • Simple to use:

There are only two steps needed to use a garlic press. By just placing the garlic into the press and squeezing, the job is done! It is also very efficient compared to a knife.

  • Garlic smell :

It prevents the garlic smell in your fingers as there is no touching the garlic juice in any way whatsoever.

  • Ensures fine and even cooking of your garlic:

If your chopping skills aren’t on point, then you may find yourself cutting large chunks of garlic that it will be hard for them to cook. The flavor is also retained at one spot. With a press, your garlic is minced finely so it cooks well and evenly.

See Video: How to use Garlic Press


If you have been avoiding garlic in your recipes for being a task in chopping and cleaning, then you need to get to your nearest store and get a garlic press. With it, you will discover how easy it will be adding the garlicy flavor in your savory dishes.


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