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How to use Rice Cookers as Slow Cooker

We sometimes need to be satisfied with what we have when we are not able to acquire all kitchen appliances we need for the preparation of a variety of meals. This leads to the need to hack something in our kitchen so that we can meet all our needs with the available kitchen appliances. With our rice cookers, we can think of a way to perform other duties meant for slow cookers, and we will be able to prepare almost every meal with it.

Rice cookers have no big difference with slow cookers; it is only that the name has fooled many people that the kitchen appliance cannot perform the best you can get from a slow cooker.

It is true to say that the rice cooker offers a convenient and easy way of cooking rice, but this pot can be used to prepare variety of foods. The rice cooker works with similar principles to slow cooker, and here are some foods you can cook using the rice cooker that is normally cooked using a slow cooker. This means that you can substitute the slow cooker with your rice cooker any time.

Just like cooking oatmeal in a slow cooker, a rice cooker can do the same for you. You can soak your Oat meal overnight and set the rice cooker timer the same way you do when cooking rice. Ensure that your meal cooks overnight such that you can just drag yourself out of your bed and get your food ready. Rice cooker offers convenient Oat meal cooking since its features are almost the same with the crockpot. You can enjoy easy to clean surface that you can't worry about your oatmeal crusting on the bottom.

Meat and vegetable steaming.

You will be lucky to make use of steaming tray that comes with your rice cooker to steam vegetables and prepare steamed meat. Rice cooker enhances your cooked rice with a variety of flavor from the meat, vegetables and some other food flavors in its steaming tray.  The cooker comes with instructions that direct you when using its steaming tray. A notable cef use manual slow cooker to cook vegetable. 

Normally, when steaming, you can start by placing your rice, then insert you steaming tray towards the end of the cycle. You can steam any kind of a meal including a whole fish or a cooked sausage in a bed of chopped tomatoes along with other ingredients.


You can soak your beans and place it in your rice cooker for perfect cooking in 30 minutes to 4 hours. The time taken to get your meal ready depends on the kind of beans you are cooking. For soya beans, it can take a little bit longer time as compared to other varieties of beans. You will need to place your socked beans and set the cooker to start cooking for the period you want your meal to be ready. Most instruction on system settings comes with the cooker users' manual/cookbook

Pork roast.

Rice cooker comes with different settings, including the one that keeps your food warm for a specified period. With pork roast, this is the most applicable setting that you will use to prepare your meal. Prepare your pork roast with some ingredients such as chili sauce, onions, lemon juice, garlic, among other few ingredients. Start the cooker with the normal rice-cooking setting then change to its warm mode and wait for an hour.

Any meat can be cooked with this cooker using this trick and you will enjoy a delicious meal from the rice cooker.

Tapioca pudding.

Many rice cookerscome with several settings including fuzzy setting, which are ideal for preparation of puddings, and so you should utilize these settings to make tapioca puddings. You can get your whole pearl of tapioca and fold it inside coconut milk and mix them together with other ingredients to in a porridge circle and set the cooker in its normal rice-cooking mode.

Banana bread.

Just like any other slow cooker, a rice cooker can table delicious banana bread meal without many tricks. All you need to do is just mix all your ingredients, oil the in-surface of your rice cooker pot and pour your ingredient and set your cooker in regular rice settings. The cooker will run for one and a half hours, and you will be able to enjoy your banana bread cooked in a rectangular rice setting.


You can comfortably prepare your homemade hummus using the rice cooker by just customizing some settings as you want. The cooking can take a maximum of one and a half hour for your delicious hummus meal to get ready. You can then pour your other hummus ingredients and enjoy your delicious meal.

Boiled eggs.

You can have your boiled eggs cooked with rice cooker flawlessly. There always exist several ways of making your boiled egg, and the best way is using the rice cooker. Most people prefer boiling eggs with a pressure cooker or slow cookers, but I can assure you that a rice cooker is here to deliver the best results. The cooker has similar benefits to all the ideal cookers for boiling eggs, and additionally, it is quite beneficial for those who boil many eggs at once since you will have it as easy-to-peal since the cooker do not boil the eggs but steam them so that it can come out when it is very soft.

Other grains.

It is not a surprise that you can cook all sorts of grains using a rice cooker. All sorts of rice are perfect using the cooker as its name "rice cooker".  You can cook every ingredient mixed with rice such as pseudo paella dish. Chicken meat, burrito breakfast, cracked eggs, chili, pepper, tomatoes and tomatoes are all well with a rice cooker.

All other grains can be readily prepared using a rice cooker flawlessly, and only you need to get the concept of various settings coming with this kitchen appliance; you will use it in cooking all the meals that are believed to be cooked using slow cookers.

How to use Using Slow-Cook setting on Tiger Rice Cooker


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